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JOJO Concepts has been a leader in hair loss, hair restoration and hair replacement, including hair extensions on Long Island and in NYC for over 30 years. 

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Proven Hair Loss Solutions for Women

Our appearance is inextricably connected to our self-esteem and confidence level. Thinning hair and female pattern baldness due to androgenic alopecia, is an emotionally and mentally draining experience for women and their loved ones.

However, one in four women in the United States experience hair loss and thinning. Millions of other women experience hair loss and thinning resulting from medical treatments.

Although physical beauty is only one of women’s qualities, it is one that is particularly important in our society. In both social and professional environments, women are judged based on their physical appearance, particularly around their hairstyle.

At JOJO Concepts Hair Replacement Centers, you will find we offer a wide range of women's hair replacement solutions for all types of hair loss.



Q:  Can I get my hair wet?    A:  Yes! Natural Hair Replacements will feel the same as your natural hair.

Q:  Can I sleep in it?   A:  Yes! Let's discuss your many options.

Q:  I want to continue treatments on my scalp, will I be able to do so?  A:  Yes!! In fact, we at JOJO Concepts encourage it!

Q:  Can I use a hairdryer, flat iron or curling iron?  A:  Yes! Natural Hair Replacements will behave much like your own natural hair. We can show you how.

Q:  Will people notice a change?  A:  Depending on the "look" you start with. You may want very little change, staying with a style and color that is very similar to what you already have. Or, you may want to choose a new style and color. Write down your thoughts and ideas and bring them with you so we can discuss the transitioning process you feel most comfortable with during your hair replacement consultation.