See what our clients are saying about JOJO Concepts Hair Replacement Systems.

Thank you so much for your patience, care and understanding during a difficult period of my life. I lost a great deal of my hair while taking medication. I was devastated and didn’t know how to solve this problem. You gave me confidence and I enlisted your help. The hair system you designed for me was beautiful. It looked so natural and I received many complements on “my new hair style: You took the time to style it to my face and no one could tell it wasn’t my own hair. My hair has started to grow back, however I will never forget your devotion and talent as a hair designer. You are a true professional. Thank you for being a terrific hair stylist and a wonderful individual.
Dear Clients,
Thank you all for your trust.! It is our pleasure to be with each and every one of you in hope that we can make a difference! Our goal is that we want and will do everything we can so that you love your hair! Some of you, we are so lucky to see often as you come in for your salon services (haircuts, color or styling) on a regular basis, while other’s we don’t see very often as you may live far away, go to your own stylist, or do it yourself. It doesn’t matter how little or how often we see you, we want you to know we are here for you!
— Jo Barone, JOJO Concepts
I want to thank you for everything you do! I have been dealing with thinning hair for a few years. I’ve been to doctors and tried using topical solutions and gels but due to my condition (Lichen planopfinaris- a type of scarring alopecia) my hair has not grown back. While searching on the Internet for hair enhancements, I came across the Transitions website and saw there was an office on Long Island. I decided to at least come in for a free consultations to see what could be done. I was introduced to you and a former client (now working for you) who sat with me in a private room and explained the process and the procedure. She gave me her name and telephone number in case I had any more questions. Then, you also sat with me and listened to my concerns and made me fell very comfortable. There was no pressure to sign anything and I left felling that this might be the answer. I went home, discussed it with my husband and decided to go adhead and call to make an appointment. After my fitting I was anxiously waiting for my “new” hair to arrive and was very nervous when I come in for my next appointment. After you expertly styled and shaped the new addition, it blended perfectly with my own hair. When I left, I wasn’t sure what everyone would think, but to my surprise, they thought I just restyled my hair. I looked like I did quite a few years ago (my husband”s comment)...something any woman loves to hear! My stress level went down a few notches...even my hair stylist said it looked like my own hair and made me look younger! I felt at ease throughout the whole process and with your support my “new” hair is easy to attach and after only one week, it feels like a part of me. You and your staff have made me feel like a friend. Your warmth, personal attention and consideration as well as continuing support have surpassed my expectations. Thank you all for a job well done!
I wanted you to know how delighted I am about the “new” me. The reaction I am getting from everyone is really very gratifying. Most people just tell me they love my new hairstyle, others say things like “You let your hair grow” or “It looks nicer this way” or “You look great! What’s different about you?” What amazes me is that no one has said, “Oh you got a hair replacement.” I don’t know if people are just being polite but the best thing is when people I know don’t even seem to notice...means it really looks natural! When I did come in Joyce was again most reassuring. Then I met you and you were so understanding and compassionate that I made up my mind to trust you and placed my order right than and there, not something I usually do without “shopping” around. Each time I have been in..for a color match, a try-on, the BIG DAY and even my recent haircut and “lesson” on washing the piece I have been made to feel very special. All three of you, Joanne, Joyce and Dawn have shown great sensitivity and have made me feel good about myself as well as believing that you all really care not only about how my hair looks but how I feel as well. I have been really impressed with all of you...your professionalism, your skill, and most especially your compassion and caring. Thank you!
Thinking of coming to JoJo Concepts, We invite you to visit and ask see more from our book’s of testimonial and thank you letters! And yes...JoJo, Jo and Joanne are referring to one and the same person.