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JOJO Concepts has been a leader in hair loss, hair restoration and hair replacement on Long Island and in NYC for over 30 years. 

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Hair loss takes both an emotional and psychological toll on men.

When a man loses his hair, he often feels that his identity and self-esteem are compromised. Others may also begin to treat someone with hair loss differently, which only exacerbates men’s feelings of self-consciousness.

Androgenic alopecia, a hereditary condition, is the most common cause of hair loss in men. More than 35 million men experience male pattern hair loss in their lifetime, with 40% of men reporting hair loss by the age of 40. Unfortunately, some people begin to experience hair loss as young as 25 years old, causing them to look much older than they really are.

JOJO Concepts Hair Restoration and Replacement Specialists provide men of all ages with evidence-based hair loss treatments that demonstrate proven results. Hair replacement solutions are tailored particularly to meet the unique needs of each customer. JOJO Concepts has experience working with a variety of hair loss causes, including alopecia areata, medical hair loss, trauma, and others.

The texture of the hair will be indistinguishable from your own existing hair. And the feel of the hair replacement itself is so light you'll never know it's there. All you'll feel is the hair you once had. And that feels terrific.

Simply put, JOJO Concepts Hair Restoration and Replacement System will make you look as if you never started losing your hair. In fact, many of our clients tell us they forget they ever had a hair loss problem.

hair replacement for active men

Which Hair Restoration Solution is right for you?

Finding the hair loss solution that's just right for you is a life changing decision. Determining your preferences for hair restoration is the first step. 

JOJO Concepts Hair Restoration and Replacement Specialists provide individualized, non-surgical hair replacement solutions. 

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Then it is time to contact us today for your free, confidential hair loss evaluation and see if JOJO Concepts Hair Restoration Systems is right for your specific situation and your active lifestyle.

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Q:  Can I get my hair wet?    A:  Yes! Natural Hair Replacements will feel the same as your natural hair.

Q:  Can I sleep in it?   A:  Yes! Let's discuss your many options.

Q:  I want to continue treatments on my scalp, will I be able to do so?  A:  Yes!! In fact, we at JOJO Concepts encourage it!

Q:  Can I use a hairdryer, flat iron or curling iron?  A:  Yes! Natural Hair Replacements will behave much like your own natural hair. We can show you how.

Q:  Will people notice a change?  A:  Depending on the "look" you start with. You may want very little change, staying with a style and color that is very similar to what you already have. Or, you may want to choose a new style and color. Write down your thoughts and ideas and bring them with you so we can discuss the transitioning process you feel most comfortable with during your hair replacement consultation.